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Airline Elevation.jpgHere at Southern Classic Chicken, we're driven by one simple notion - nothing's more exciting than a plate of our cravable chicken!  And to not share this knowledge with the world?  Well, that would just be WRONG!  That's where you come in!

We're looking for potential franchisees that want to share our love for southern-style fried chicken and operating fast-paced, high-volume restaurants.  If you're interested in learning more about our franchise opportunities and process, please fill out the Interest Application below.

But first, here's some additional information!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need restaurant experience to be a franchisee?

In order to become a franchisee, at least one person having an equity position of five percent or more needs to have proven restaurant management and/or ownership experience.

Can I build one restaurant, or do I need to commit to a multi-unit development deal?

We will consider a one-unit deal depending on the market but at this time our goal is to develop at least three restaurants in a given trade area. 

Do I get to pick where I put a Southern Classic Chicken?

We will identify the trade area for your restaurant and then we will work with you to pick the best location within that trade area.  We have a real estate company that helps us identify our trade areas based on demographics, traffic counts, competition and other data points that we rely upon to define the respective trade areas.  

Can I develop a Southern Classic Chicken in a C-Store or other non-traditional location?

Not at this time.

What kind of support does the Home Office provide?

We help from the time you start looking at real estate and support you all the way through the lifecycle of your business in all phases of operations, marketing and brand growth.  We will provide the guidance, operational support and training to give you the tools for success. 

How long does it take to open a Southern Classic Chicken?

Typically, nine (9) to 12 months depending on many factors including site selection, lease negotiation, permitting and construction.

Does Southern Classic Chicken offer financing?

No but we can guide you to financial institutions that may be able to assist. 

What is the process to becoming a franchisee?

The first step is to fill out and submit the Franchise Interest Application below. From there we will review the application and then contact you if you meet our minimum financial requirements. After we have an initial call, you will receive a copy of our Franchise Disclosure Document and the application process will officially begin.

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Franchise Interest Application

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