Our Story

The origins of Southern Classic Chicken started with Leon Fanning, who entered the industry with his first fried chicken restaurant in 1976. Leon then connected with his brother Howard Fanning, as well as his son Brandon Fanning, to continue that family legacy, and transitioned their business to what became Southern Classic Chicken.

When starting Southern Classic Chicken, the Fannings wanted the foundation to be based on four things: quality, the absolute best fried chicken, classic southern sides and cajun seasoned french fries. And they wanted to do it through a simple drive-thru and walk-up model. Quickly, the concept proved to be a hit. Over the years, the company has expanded in the Southern U.S. and now includes 17 corporate locations.

Today, Southern Classic Chicken is a second-generation family-run franchise business, with Alan (Howard’s son), as well as Brandon and Alex (Leon’s sons), at the helm.

The Fannings remain actively involved in running the company’s day-to-day business and have expanded the footprint to include 17 corporate stores, with two markets in development in Lafayette and New Orleans, Louisiana. But that simple model and menu has basically stayed the same.