Southern Classic Chicken steps toward Baton Rouge expansion

February 9, 2021

Southern Classic Chicken has recently launched a franchise opportunity and is hoping to not only grow to new areas, but strengthen its presence in its home state of Louisiana.

All but three of the its 17 locations are in Louisiana, and Southern Classic Chicken is planning to head south to Baton Rouge. With the right franchise partners, the brand is looking to open as many as eight restaurants in the area in the coming years, a news release said.

"We have such a strong presence in Northern Louisiana so it only makes sense to look south and continue to grow in our home state," Nick Binnings, director of Brand Development said in the release. "We know the product will be well-received in Baton Rouge, which is known for its amazing food scene."

Binnings and Managing Director Tom O'Keefe said the Baton Rouge area could easily hold six-to-eight locations, with room for further growth as the brand continues to expand. With that in mind, he's looking for franchisees who have restaurant experience that align with the family focused culture. The priority is growing at a comfortable pace to ensure that the franchisees are a perfect fit for the brand.

Operating with a drive-thru and walk-up model, the chain has remained resilient even throughout the pandemic. With a 20% increase in system-wide sales in 2020, Southern Classic Chicken's model is poised for growth as off-premise dining remains increasingly important for food concepts nationwide.

"Each of our restaurants had a very successful 2020 and we are excited to bring that success to Baton Rouge," O'Keefe said. "We are looking for franchise partners who are excited to grow our family-oriented concept and create a staple in new communities."

Southern Classic Chicken is based in Shreveport and is targeting cities in Louisiana, Mississippi, Arkansas and Texas. Including a $40,000 franchise fee, initial investment is $441,500 to $1,057,000.

Source: https://www.qsrweb.com/news/southern-classic-chicken-steps-toward-baton-rouge-expansion/

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