Southern Classic Chicken Stays Ahead of the Trend

September 2, 2021

Family-founded fried chicken franchise continues success with off-premise dining

 Shreveport, LA  (RestaurantNews.com)  Southern Classic Chicken, a Louisiana-based fried chicken franchise, remains a trendsetter in the restaurant industry. While many restaurants chains nationwide are adapting to off-premise dining, with walk-up windows and drive-thru restaurant models, Southern Classic Chicken had these models in place from the start and is the driving force behind their on-going success.

“The pandemic only increased the success of our walk-up windows and drive-thru models that served as a safer option for both our employees and customers,” said Nick Binnings, Director of Brand Development for Southern Classic Chicken. “Southern Classic Chicken’s restaurant model serves our customers in a way they wanted to be served as off-premise dining popularity increases.”

Southern Classic Chicken continues to thrive and experience increased sales growth on their simple yet effective restaurant model that most chains are taking note it is a main factor to stay afloat. The pandemic has transformed how the restaurant industry operates today and consumers have adapted to these changes and are starting to prefer off-premise dining. Southern Classic Chicken experienced a double digit increase in system-wide sales from off-premise dining in this past year alone.

“Southern Classic Chicken provides customers with the same great quality of fried chicken with a quicker and more efficient customer experience,” added Tom O’Keefe, Managing Director of Southern Classic Chicken. “We look forward to seeing the success of our walk-up windows and drive-thru continue throughout the rest of this year.”

Nick Binnings and Tom O’Keefe have helped spearhead Southern Classic Chicken’s recent success with a combined experience of over 50 years in the restaurant operations and franchising space. Binnings held an executive position at Another Broken Egg Café while O’Keefe has held executive positions at Popeye’s/Church’s Chicken and Smoothie King, among others. Binnings and O’Keefe joined forces to help Southern Classic Chicken grow because of its culture, quality and incredible value.

To continue their on-going success, Southern Classic Chicken has recently appointed Tom Gerdes as Director of Training & New Restaurant Openings, with over 25 years’ of experience in hospitality. In addition, Southern Classic Chicken has partnered with Brand Society, a full service creative agency where both will carry on their momentum.

“Joining the Southern Classic Chicken team during this remarkable period of success has been an incredible experience,” stated Gerdes. “I have been tasked with setting a foundation for our mission and values companywide down to the manager level in the restaurants and establishing that will only drive our success.”

Southern Classic Chicken serves up home-style fried chicken made with a proprietary marinade and batter complemented by fresh side offerings inspired by its southern roots. The family-focused brand is well-known across Northern Louisiana for its fried chicken and value pricing where an average meal ranges from $5-7. Sourcing the freshest ingredients and products possible is the top priority so the brand can provide the “absolute best” to its customers at a better price point and value than competitors.

“Our agency looks forward to working with Southern Classic Chicken and develop the right marketing strategy for this beloved family-owned brand,” stated Troy Cox, Managing Partner of Brand Society. “The fried chicken industry is competitive but we know Southern Classic Chicken is in a category of its own and we cannot wait to start getting to work.”

About Southern Classic Chicken

Founded in 1989 and franchising since 2020, Southern Classic Chicken prides itself on serving fresh, delicious fried chicken at a price point that provides an incredible value. Founded by three family members, Southern Classic Chicken offers high-quality comfort food in a quick and effective manner through its walk-up and drive-thru restaurant model. Southern Classic Chicken will soon have 17 locations open throughout the South and is targeting cities across Louisiana, Mississippi, Arkansas, and Texas for franchise expansion. Including a $40,000 franchise fee, initial investment to open a Southern Classic Chicken franchise is $441,500 to $1,057,000. For more information, please visit: https://www.southernclassicchicken.com/franchising.

Source: https://www.restaurantnews.com/southern-classic-chicken-stays-ahead-of-the-trend-090221/

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